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 We offer widnowed walls and roofs for forklifts, protecting from cold, wind, rain and snow.

Our forklift bodyworks are designed and produced with ergonomics, comfort and safety of operators during work in mind. We are open to sugestions.

Cabin windows are made with the highest quality, highly transparent german foil. On request the front glass can be made using impact-resistant polycarbonate.

The benefits of using our forklift bodyworks
  • Made with the highest quality, long lived material


  • Transparent and sturdy cover granting perfect visibility from all perspectives


  • Waterproof overhead cover, with translusent foil.


  • Side tilts, with big windows are opened with zippers, allowing free access inside and out of cabin


  • Optionally available windowed back, also equiped with a zipper, allowing for easy servicing.
Pokrowiec na wózki widłowe
Pokrowiec na wózki widłowe

Made with sturdy PVC (tilt), and windows made from highly transparent PVC. Sturdy zippers. Installation: Velcro sewed into tilt, as well as placed on the framework.


Suited for all weather conditions, be it rain, snow or dust. Easly removable due to Velcro.

Well designed, long lived forklift cabin.

Whole bodyworks, as well as individual parts of the cabin (side doors, protective roofs, front and back galss), all tailored to order.

All according to the need of indiviual customer.

Our cabins are available in all sizes and configurations, to meet the expectations of our clients.

Contact us for more informations and to place an order.