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We offer awnings for all models of “Niewiadów” campers: N126e/d N126n N126ntl N132 N-Cross N-Sport N-Sprint N-Cross Max. Our standard offer includes an uder-trailer apron as well as the extra paid floor. PRICE TAG and COLOUR CHART bellow

CAUTION! Insted of Dutch sizes we offer Chinese ones, wich although look like they might fit to “Niewiadów” camper based
on paramiter itself, due to the asymmetrical shape of those campers they will not fit
We’ve been making awnings for 20 years now, and we design them. With N126 tralers in mind.

Modern technological solutions allow our awnings to be sturdy, resistant to harsh weather conditions, while maintaining style and practicality. Material used for roofs is a impragnated, waterproof poliester, with usual straps underneath. For an additional charge we offer thicker fabric from Dutch company TenCate. This silver coloured material repels heat, is more sturdy and covered with extra layer of PVA absorbes moisture.

We make “Niewiadów” awnings with their standard depth of 2,5 meters while N126e, N126n and N126tl campers have length of 3,2 meters. Awning for models N132 has 3,6m, and for N-Cross 4,2m length(width)

We can increase the size of awnings by 3m or 3,5m, as well as make them wider by the drawbar side by 1 meter.

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